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Tokio Marine Insurance Company was established in 1879 and began to take on the challenge of providing safety and security globally. It was in the Meiji era in Japan and encouraged by the government's policy of promoting industrial development various new industries were emerging. Among them were the marine shipping and trading businesses that required marine insurance to support their expanding operations. To respond to this need, on Friday August 1st 1879 with capital of 600,000 yen, the Tokio Marine Insurance Company was established as Japan's first insurance company. In December of that year, agencies were established at 18 locations abroad, including Busan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. In September of the following year, commissioned agents were appointed to branches of Mitsui & Co. in London, Paris and New York.

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Tokio Marine Holdings publishes its annual report as an integrated annual report. An integrated annual report comprehensively compiles non-financial information in addition to financial information. Go here to view the latest Integrated Annual Report.

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